Dr. Michael Pallauf

Practice Areas

  • Commercial law
  • Contracts and Corporate law
  • Insolvencies and Corporate Reorganisations
  • Real estate and Construction law


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Consultation-hour in
Oberwirtsweg 653
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Education / References


University-entrance diploma in Salzburg


General qualification for university entrance


Graduating with a Doctorate of Laws at University of Salzburg


Master of Laws (LL.M.) at Tulane University, New Orleans, USA


Legal Associate in Salzburg

since 1998

Admitted to the bar

since 1998

Partner of joint practice Pallauf Meißnitzer Staindl, Salzburg



When giving legal advices, my counselling competently and efficiently matches with my client's requirements, which I highly identify with. The satisfaction of the client's interests is my highest goal.


Commercial Law

Advising and representing enterprises is a task that needs requirements like the quick identification of problems and the elaboration of unique, tailor-made solutions.

I specialize in providing top-quality advice I highly identify with concerns of my clients, specifically tailored to the needs of a company and its executives. Another focus of my practice are the increasingly globalized activities of business.

Within the frame of this specialized area of commercial law I am fascinated by the great diversity of issues that constantly need to be solved.


Additional Practice Areas:

  • Commercial penal law and Corporate penal law
  • Public service and Disciplinary law
  • Damages law
  • Labour law
  • Competition-, Trademark-, Design- and Copy right law
  • Trust law
  • European Community law
  • International family law


Foreign languages:

  • English
  • French