Dr. Franz Meissnitzer

Practice Areas

  • Tenancy and Real estate law
  • Motor vehicles and Motor vehicle distribution law
  • Inheritance law
  • Public and Private construction law


+43/662/841 202 - 0
or +43/664/32 66 210


: +43/662/841 202 - 50

Consultation-hour in
5570 Mauterndorf 338
on appointment

Education / References


University-entrance diploma in Tamsweg


Studied law at the University of Salzburg, graduate assistant in economics at Salzburg University, while working, as educator at Salzburg house of teachers and technician at Salzburg Festival


Worked free-lance with the Chamber of Labour

1983 Graduated as Doctor of laws at Salzburg University
1982/83 Courtyear, contractual assistant in economics at Salzburg University


Legal Associate in Salzburg

since 1987

Admitted to the bar

since 1998

Partner of joint practice Pallauf Meißnitzer Staindl, Salzburg

Member of the board of examiners for the admission to the bar and for judicial positions

Arbitrator at Salzburg bar association

Tenancy and Real Estate Law

I specialize in all aspects of this practice area, both from the point of view of owners and also of tenants.

Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Distribution

Long-time supervision of major and medium car-dealerships in Austria.

Additional Practice Areas:

  • Competition and Cartel law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Constitutional law
  • Civil procedure law
  • Damages and Warranty law
  • Administrative law